About Us

First Choice Chiropractic offers you:

Chiropractic Care – Specializing in stiff joints and spinal function, with the key emphasis on motion. Using state of the art technology and equipment combined with a light and effective adjustment by the Doctor to provide the most effective care possible for our patients. Conditions such as whiplash, scoliosis, sports injuries or car accidents, all involve the spine and can benefit from being checked by a Chiropractor.

Traction Therapy – These traction tables provide our patients with relaxation therapy as well as improving spinal motion.
Neck pillows and other supports – Designed with one purpose in mind: To compliment chiropractic care in order achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. The pillows and supports allows patients to get a better night’s sleep, as well as providing the best support possible.

Nutritional and Exercise Counseling – The Doctor will recommend certain exercises and stretches to aid in the recovery and strengthening process. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, along with the chiropractic is the key to your wellness and your success.